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On January 6, 2023, Vn-export successfully organized a B2B event to meet nearly 100 major distributors in the South, an event to introduce many imported beverage products distributed by Vang Online, Imported beverage distribution brand under Buy2Sell Vietnam.

Sign distribution contracts with important partners

In this B2B Matching event, Buy2sell Vietnam and its distribution partners are: Hoang Bao Chau Trading and Service Co., Ltd., Hoang Gia Nest Co., Ltd and Star Trading and Service Co., Ltd. have signed a distribution contract with the company. total value of 3.5 million USD for 2023 – 2024 of many commodity and Wine sectors.

Mr. Adrien Ecombat – Development Director of Buy2Sell and Ms. Dang Thi Hong Van – Representative of Star TB and Service Co., Ltd. signed a distribution contract at the event

With the goal of collaborating in the development of the F&B field, as well as a plan to promote more distribution in the future between Buy2sell and its partners in the near future. Vn-Export will work with Buy2Sell Vietnam to organize more B2B Matching events, allowing Buy2Sell to have more resources to promote investment in potential new projects between 2023 and 2025.

Buy2sell and Hoang Bao Chau Service Trading Co., Ltd

Buy2sell and Royal Bird’s Nest Co., Ltd

In the luxurious space and exquisite decoration, more than 40 beverage brands from Italy, France, Chile, South Africa, Switzerland…Vn-export have invited customers to experience the taste of the product directly. Vn-export has received many comments and compliments from customers.

The event attracts many businesses to learn about wine and distribution policy

VN-EXPORT, we are creating an opportunity to meet Face to Face – Connecting suppliers with the biggest Buyers in Vietnam. We are connected and establish an exchange between brands and potential buyers interested in products to trade. . The event held at 5-star hotels Size 200-500 potential buyers/event. Import, customs clearance for products (Samples). Print VN-EXPORT is facilitating face-to-face meetings by connecting suppliers with the largest buyers in Vietnam. We connect brands and potential buyers interested in trading products. The event was held in 5-star hotels. Size the event for 200-500 potential buyers. Import and customs clearance of goods (Samples). Printing the brochure, translating it, and obtaining quotes for the Vietnamese version. Provide an interpreter to assist with the event. Relationship building, B2B lead generation, sales pipeline generation and acceleration, customer retention, and brand awareness. Hotel Reservation and Travel Guide Assistance ing brochure, translation and making quotations for the Vietnamese version. Provide Interpreter to assist at the event. Relationship building, B2B lead generation, sales pipeline generation and acceleration, customer retention, and brand awareness. Hotel Booking, And Travel Guide support.

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